Hello :) My name is Laura,18. I love music, and my favourite bands are Nirvana, Foo Fighters, QOTSA, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, TCV, NIN, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, L7, Hole and many others. I'm obsessed with Dave Grohl. I reblog everything associated with Nirvana and Foo Fighters. So ask me something :)
fuk every budie

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what did you halucinate about? and what did you do while sleepwalking? and why the hell are you unconfortable with yourself because of your looks, i bet you're beautiful, just like your blog is. <3

i don’t know, i don’t remember these things, my mom said that when i looked at her i was screaming, like i was seeing something else.

first time i sleepwalked in our home, idek if this should happen, but i remember when I sleepwalked first time, it looks like i was awake, i saw everything  but i couldn’t control my body, so i remember how i bumbed my head into the door, then i opened the door and walked to living room, and then i sat down on the chair, i was sitting for like 30 seconds, and then i was like wtf am i doing in here. Second time was in hospital, after surgery, i don’t remember anything i was doing, but my mom told me what i did, so i took my blanket and i went to other patient’s room, and i went to bed that was exactly in the same spot as mine, so in the morning my mom wake me up, and she was with like 3 nurses, they took me to my room.

thanks, but no i’m not beautiful, my blog can be beautiful, but i’m sure that i’m never gonna be beautiful as my blog is, but still though thanks <3

bro what video is this (post/93008976342) from? how have i never seen this?

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Dave Grohl secretly rockin’ out to one of Zac Brown’s new songs (x)


Kurt Cobain on the drums.



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thanks chantal :3

1. once I was allergic to chocolate

2. I loooooooooove markiplier

3. I am very uncomfortable  with myself, with my body, look

4. so when i was child, i had these terrible fevers, from which I had hallucinations

5. and i sleepwalked twice

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Your url is so cute! I always come here when I am having a bad day

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imagine your favorite band member letting you wear their clothes