Shame on you, seducing everyone.


Dave with the guitar, possibly Krist in the blue jumper/coat, Kurt behind drums, 1993.
Dave Grohl is the nicest guy ever
Every other band at Reading: Guys there's something you all need to do.. SING ALONG WITH OUR SONGS REALLY LOUD, MOSH AND SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!
Dave Grohl: Okay guys, there's some thing you all have to do for me.. make sure everyone in this crowd is okay! you all have to look after each other and if someone falls down, you help them back up. YOU GOT THAT READING?! Okay, good, we can play for you then.
Dave Grohl: Makes whole audience teary eyed with song for Kurt and Krist.
Dave Grohl: Dedicates songs to both his daughters and brings them on stage.. then gets crowd to sing Happy Birthday to his mum.
Dave Grohl: Makes sure the guy who does the recording of Reading for the BBC gets credit before he retires, makes whole crowd sing for him.


Dave ‘I’m still a 3 year old’ Grohl

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